Product description

Multi-Mam BabyDent gel forms a soft bio-active layer over the gums, which soothes and relieves discomfort, reduces swelling, and protects against friction. Multi-Mam BabyDent can be stored in the refrigerator to give an extra soothing effect, and can be applied directly onto a pacifier or teething ring. Not sure this is the product you need? View all our products.

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Customer questions

How often can I use the gel for my baby?
As often as you like – whenever the soothing effect is needed.

My baby has swallowed quite a lot of the gel, is this harmful?
No, it is not a problem if your baby swallows the gel.

The gel slips off my finger, how should I apply it to my baby’s gums?
Put some gel directly onto a pacifier or teething ring, on places where it comes into contact with the gums.

If you have any further problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Multi-Mam BabyDent
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